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Has Your Family Member Developed Bedsores While in a Hospital, Nursing Home, Or Assisted Living Facility?

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Despite the fact that health care facilities have a duty to provide quality medical care that enhances a patient’s life, more than 2.5 million patients are affected by bedsores every year across the United States. Not only extremely painful, bedsores can also lead to serious and even life-threatening complications including:

  • Wound infection
  • Infection in the blood called sepsis
  • Bone infection called osteomyelitis
  • Tissue death/gangrene
  • Amputations
  • Wrongful death 


Bedsores are almost entirely preventable. No patient should suffer Stage 3 or Stage 4 pressure ulcers or bed sores while under medical care. Contact us today to see if you can obtain compensation for your loved one.

Did Your Loved One Suffer Bed Sores?

Bedsores develop when tissue begins to break down from prolonged pressure and can occur anytime a person doesn’t move enough. Patients who are elderly, bed-ridden, or who have limited mobility may be more likely to develop bedsores if they aren’t receiving the quality care they are owed. The most common locations for bedsores to develop are pressure point areas including:

These are areas where muscle and mass may have deteriorated leaving pressure points. Patients who are not turned often enough can develop pressure sores quickly. If this has happened to you or your loved one contact us now. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

Stages of Bedsores

Without intervention, bedsores can infiltrate deep into the body, extensively damaging skin, muscle, and even bone. The longer the bed sore goes without treatment, the deeper and more dangerous it becomes.

STAGE 1: The skin is irritated but not broken, and may be painful to the touch.

STAGE 2: A small ulcer red or brown in color will develop on the upper layers of skin

STAGE 3: A deep wound develops through the layers of the skin allowing the deeper layers to be seen. The skin around the wound may be yellow.

STAGE 4: The wound has penetrated through the layers of skin and fat into the muscle, tendons, and bone. The wound may appear purple or black.

Late stage bedsores are life-threatening and can be difficult to treat. Unfortunately, many elderly or terminally ill patients will not recover from late stage bedsores.  

2.5 million patients suffer bedsores each year. 60 thousand patients die as a direct result of bed sores. 17,000 bedsore lawsuits are filed annually against medical providers who fail to provide the proper care that prevents bedsores.

Causes of Bedsores

Whether they are sitting too long in the same position or left lying in their beds for hours on end, bedsores are caused by neglect. Some of the most common contributing factors to bedsores include:

  • Failing to change the patient’s position frequently throughout the day
  • Leaving the patient in soiled clothes, diapers, or bed linens
  • Failing to routinely monitor patients for the initial signs of pressure ulcers
  • Failing to intervene after detecting bedsores

While some patients are so frail that skin damage is almost impossible to prevent, stage 3 and stage 4 bedsores are considered ‘never events,’ i.e., events that should never occur in a healthcare setting. Yet, millions of patients suffer pressure ulcers every year, and thousands will die from this preventable condition. 

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